The Eat Beat crew offers a menu of dining options for sports fans coming to North Texas for the NCAA basketball tournament and the NASCAR race.

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Dena Peterson, executive chef at Cafe Modern, joins the Eats Beat crew to talk about the restaurant's new spring menu, the Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival, and the joy of Jack in the Box tacos.

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A special birthday podcast features suggestions for special occasion restaurants and great patios for spring.

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The Eats Beat gang talks Cajun food, corned beef and, yes, more burgers in their latest podcast.

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Jesus Garcia, the chef of Little Lily Sushi, and Gino Rojas, the owner of Revolver Taco Lounge, sit down with Bud and Rick to dish on everything from their runaway success to social media to Fort Worth's foodie revolution.

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Bud and Rick chat about late-night dining options in DFW, and the rise of Thai food in Fort Worth. They're also joined by The Weekend Chef, Steve Wilson, who explored a gem of a winery in Burleson for Valentine's Day dinner.

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Bud and Rick offer a peek at new Fort Worth restaurants Kona Grill and Cane Rosso, plus they offer a few non-traditional ideas for romantic Valentine's Day options.

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Since Nick is hitting the road and moving east, he talks with Bud and Rick about last meals in DFW. The topic was also this week's cover story. So, if you only had one day left in the Metroplex, where and what would you eat? Listen up for delicious last meal suggestions. 

Producer: Nick Dean 

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The Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo is back again and the guys know all the activity there can cause quite the appetite. Plus, it brings in numerous visitors who only have a limited time to survey the food Cowtown has to offer. Bud, Rick and Nick talk about the best eats near the Stock Show and a few must haves for those who aren't in Fort Worth very often. 

Producer: Nick Dean 

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The trio of Bud Kennedy, Rick Press and Nick Dean start the new year looking at all of the new restaurants opening in Cowtown. Plus, the guys talk food prices and wonder if our wallets will ever get a break. 

Producer: Nick Dean

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