As the Main Street arts festival arrives, Bud and the gang go in search of some new restaurants to check out in downtown Fort Worth.

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Whether you're looking for an Easter or Mother's Day restaurant idea, or just a hearty place to ease that Saturday night hangover, Bud and gang have your covered.

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Bud and the gang venture to Billy's Oak Acres to preview the Fort Worth Food and Wine Festival and learn more about its new BBQ and dessert events.

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Bud and the gang come out of hibernation to check out some new spots like Social House and Thurber Mingus, and drop in on a few old favorites like Enchiladas Ole.

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Bud and the gang join the kolache craze and dig into a few of the sweet treats. Plus, they preview prime spots for Valentine's Day dining.

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Bud and the gang check out the new fast casual restaurant in Sundance Square, plus they preview Planet Sub and offer some dining spots for Stock Show visitors.

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Chef Keith Grober, who made his name creating gourmet burgers at Rodeo Goat, is back on the scene with a hot new hot dog at Fred's. Bud and the gang give it a try and catch up with Keith.

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Chicken and waffles, cheesecake and high-dollar holiday spots are all on the plate for Bud and the gang.

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Bud and the gang get in the holiday spirit with Thanksgiving Day dining suggestions, from Buttons to Whataburger.

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Bud and the gang talk about the recent restaurant shakeups in the Magnolia Ave. and West 7th areas.

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